$299 Mold Testing            

  Most of our customers desire air quality

testing for mold. Both indoor and outdoor

samples  are taken for comparison. The

samples are sent to an accredited microbial

laboratory and the report is sent to you.

If you see what appears to be mold,

Tape Sampling or Swab Sampling can be


​Additional tests cost $80 each.


Mold Testing  &


* Is there an odor in your home

and you cannot find the


* Do you see mold and need 

to know if it's toxic?

* Are you purchasing a

home and desire mold


* Is someone in your home

or office suffering from allergies?


​                               ​​​​​Mold Inspections

differ from testing and are performed utilizing thermal- imaging infrared cameras, hydrometers, moisture meters, and borescopes. The exterior and interior are inspected. Attic spaces and crawl spaces are inspected when applicable.

An air quality tester records formaldehyde, CO2, and propane gas. Sometimes our clients issues are not

mold related.

We document our findings and send appropriate samples to a nationally accredited laboratory for assessment. 

A comprehensive report with  lab results will identify specific levels of mold or allergens to help determine necessary steps for remediation.  



Some remediation companies

perform free inspections and then use scare tactics to generate expensive, and often unnecessary work. We only provide inspection and testing services. After reviewing the lab test results, we make recommendations on how to proceed. We do not give referrals and are not affiliated with any remediation companies.  
Prior to the inspection,

we need to know the nature of your concerns, the size

and location of your home, and its

general construction.  


Most inspections include one indoor and

one outdoor airborne mold sampling tests that are

sent to a microbial laboratory for testing.  

Pricing is generally between $450 and $490

for an average sized home. Condominiums cost less

and large structures cost more. Major credit cards are


Only specific areas of the structure can be

addressed, if desired.

Additional lab sampling tests are $80 each

and are only performed with your approval, if recommended and desired.
Please call or text so we can address your

specific needs.