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  1.  5/03/16

We found the retirement house of our dreams in Middlesex County.  To every ones surprise, Mr. Delk found a structural issue  and mold in the crawl space.  After negotiating back and forth we came to terms and the problems were resolved. I highly recommend Delk Home Inspections. 

Bob Jennings


George was very thorough and professional. He took the time to explain what he was doing as well as the results of the inspection. He was available on short notice and arrived timely. Job well done!     

Kim Smith

Fredericksburg, Va.


Mr. Delk performed a detailed inspection for us on a 90 year old house. We were present for the inspection and found him to be knowledgeable and informative. He helped us determine maintenance priorities, tested all appliances and receptacles and found a hidden plumbing leak under the house that was starting to cause wood damage. Highly recommend.

Bill and Laura Jennings

Richmond, Virginia


When needing a Home Inspection, we asked our agent for a few names. After researching online, we decided on Delk Home Inspections.  George, the owner, was very professional and made it clear that he was working for us, not our agent, with whom he had worked with before.

The inspection took about four hours and my wife and I learned plenty. He inspected the roof from the roof, not with binoculars like the person that inspected our last house. Most of the  crawlspace was too low to access. George used a remote controlled vehicle with a video camera and lights to inspect the low areas. 

We love our new home and highly recommend Delk Home Inspections.

Jack  B     Middlesex, Virginia

August 8, 2015

I hired Delk Home Inspections to inspect a rental property that had been vacant for two years. The house was in disrepair and many of the systems needed replacement. The 18 page report that I received was very thorough and revealed that the house needed a bit more work than I had anticipated. I will definitely use this company in the future.

Mike Beckstoffer



I've been suffering from allergies since moving into my 40 year old home. My neighbor recommended getting

a mold inspection.  A  plumbing leak was found and mold was growing under the kitchen sink. The previous owners apparently covered the problem with plywood. It was a relatively easy fix. I highly recommend this company.

J  Dabney


​George completed a thorough home inspection and was a wonderful person to meet with a wealth of local knowledge and years of experience.

He only does the inspection with the buyer present, which is great, and pointed items out as he went along. When the inspection was complete he sat down with us and went over the entire inspection with photos. He is very analytical and upfront with everything he found. We highly recommend him!​​

​M. Flechter


Mr. Delk inspected the condo that I just purchased. I was surprised that any issues of importance were found. It turns out there had been a fire in the master bedroom that I wasn't told about. The repairs to the electrical system were substandard. The seller paid for the repairs. ******* HIGHLY RECOMMEND   ********

My agent  gave me the name of this company for the inspection. The house appeared to be in very good condition and I felt an inspection was unnecessary.  A section of black mold was found on the floor joists in the crawl space. Resolving the problem was not that difficult or expensive, but having a daughter that is allergic to mold, I'm just glad it was found and taken care of before I moved in.

S Curtis   11/16

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