​​​Mold Testing 

is performed to help determine the severity of the problem and identify specific types of mold. Testing is performed by certified professionals and sample analysis is performed by accredited American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratories. 

Both Surface and Air sampling are available. 

 The price for testing is $90 per sample and a $110

​trip charge.  

Air sampling requires a minimum of two samples, both

indoor and outdoor for comparative purposes. The number of samples needed varies depending on the size of the structure. Three samples are typically needed. All samples taken are

authorized by our clients.   


Serving Lancaster, Essex, Northumberland, Middlesex, Gloucester, King William, New Kent, Mathews, Charles City, Williamsburg, James City and York Counties in Virginia

We find hidden air quality issues.


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Mold Exposure  

can cause irritation to eyes, nose, throat, skin and lungs. Mold will slowly deteriorate anything that it grows on and is often hidden  behind walls. Eliminating mold and the moisture that causes it is essential.

Air Quality Pro is an independent air quality testing

and assessment company that documents problems

and recommend solutions.

 We do not offer remediation services!

Mold Assessment  

is the process of finding hidden mold, determining the source

of the problem, and recommending the methods necessary to

irradicate the mold. This cost varies due to the size of the structure and generally costs between $200 and $400. 

​The trip charge for mold testing is waved if mold assessment

is also performed.